Tired of playing phone tag with painters?

Pick any date and time from the available spots below and your appointment request will be sent.

Please note, these appointments are tentative and may be subject to change.


What You’ll Receive:

  • Email confirmation of appointment
  • Phone call (if any scheduling conflict)
  • Paint specialist at your home to consult about your project
  • Ballpark pricing at end of consultation
  • Written proposal within 3 days of consultation

Need Help With Color? 

Hire Us and Get a Free Color Consultation!

That’s right! A designer in your home, for free.

Our collaborative color consultation service is another distinguishing factor offered to our clients. When you hire Cosmos Painting, one of our interior designers, who specialize in color will visit with you at your home for a thorough 1-hour color consultation. This in-home consultation allows our designers to truly capture the architecture, decor, surrounding landscape, and most important, your personal preferences. You’ll then be left with the perfect color pallet to enjoy for many years.